Six Years Gone, But Maybe It’s Six Years Lived Too

Six years… 72 months… 313 weeks… 2191 days… 52,594 hours… 3,153,600 minutes… That’s how long Timothy’s been gone. It’s hard to believe really because it feels like just yesterday when it all happened – the accident, the hospital, the preparations, the wake, the funeral and then the moving on with our lives. Not a day... Continue Reading →

The Dead Parents to Cancer (DPC) Club… A club no one wants to join, but far too many of us have

When I was 25, I unwillingly said good-bye to my father after watching him suffer a horrible six-month battle with cancer that ended up riddling his entire body before he passed. It was then that I became a member of the Dead Parents to Cancer (DPC) Club. On July 6, 2001, my oldest niece was... Continue Reading →

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