Six Years Gone, But Maybe It’s Six Years Lived Too

Six years… 72 months… 313 weeks… 2191 days… 52,594 hours… 3,153,600 minutes… That’s how long Timothy’s been gone. It’s hard to believe really because it feels like just yesterday when it all happened – the accident, the hospital, the preparations, the wake, the funeral and then the moving on with our lives. Not a day... Continue Reading →

How to Save A Life

It's been almost six years since we lost my stepson in a four-wheeling accident. And after recently watching Grey's Anatomy and watching the fictional Meredith Grey have to sign the papers to disconnect her husband, "McDreamy," from the machines keeping him alive and standing by his bedside as he took his last breathe, my life was... Continue Reading →

How’s Your Sense of Character These Days? Mine? Just Trying to Keep It Intact Most Days.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Character as, “the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves: someone’s personality.” Throughout my life, my sense of character has been enriched and enhanced; pulled to the limits and tested; and probably like many, at times even called out and questioned by the very people who cause me to have to be... Continue Reading →

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