Absolute Mayhem – Support Up and Coming Local Author with New Children’s Book

Absolute Mayhem

Through the wonder of social media, many of us have been able to reconnect with acquaintances, old friends, co-workers, maybe even long family members who we may have never been able to find, if it had not been for the power of the Internet.

But that being said, through social media, several years ago I was able to reconnect with an old grade school friend, Kelly (Frey) Suellentrop, who is so many things including a mother, a wife, a baker, a writer, a blogger and an illustrator.

Unlike too many of the people I have found through the Internet, Kelly and I actually do talk on occasion about our lives and she has given me sage advice on my newest venture into blogging.

But recently, Kelly stepped into her own new adventure and can now put children’s book author behind her name. Her book, Absolute Mayhem, went “on shelves” Dec. 1, just in time for Christmas.

In this adorable story about two children with the most wonderful imaginations, Absolute Mayhem dances through the story of Lulu and Milo with excitement and enthusiasm. Throughout the week, these two adventurous children dream of their future crusades for the weekend to come. Their personalities will remind of your own childhood craziness of backyard pirate ships, pillow forts and lemonade stands in the front yard.

This imaginative children’s book is a breath of fresh air from a local author/blogger, who has had a lifelong dream of being a writer. She is also the author of the widely popular blog, Are you finished yet?

So whether you looking for that last-minute Christmas gift for your own children or for a niece, nephew, grandchild or just someone young, this is a great book for them with its wonderful illustrations and a good message to boot.

You can find Absolute Mayhem at kellysullentrop.com or Amazon.

And for a little treat, watch Lulu and Milo from Absolute Mayhem come to life: http://youtu.be/xIFII-ISNw0


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  1. Thank you friend, for helping me spread the word. For as much slack as Facebook gets, it can certainly be a blessing as well. I so appreciate this wonderful review and look forward to maybe writing one for you someday 🙂

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